Exterior Siding Services

Lake City Roofing doesn't do just roofs, as we also specialize in installing beautiful siding to your home's exterior. We are constantly learning and growing as a company, but we'll always make exterior care a stress-free experience.

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Mid-class home with brand new dark blue-ish gray siding installed by Lake City Roofing
  • house_siding Siding Installations

    Once you have selected the exact siding color and style you want from our vast collection, we'll handle the entire installation for a flawless fit that won't start falling off or cracking after we leave.

  • house_siding Siding Replacements

    Siding will lose its strength over time. When that happens we'll gladly replace it from top to bottom, keeping your interior safe while adding market value to your home.

  • house_siding Siding Repairs

    Siding damage comes in many forms, and they all invite debris and pests inside. Our team is available around the clock, so don't hesitate to reach out to us for any fixes you need.

What's On Your Siding? - The Main Brand We Use

We have partnered with the best brands and products on the market, allowing us to provide an exceptional exterior that doesn't compromise between durability and aesthetics. Browse through their catalog below, and find the right combination for your home.

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