Estimating Costs of New Roofing in Spokane Valley

When it comes to any large home improvement project, one of the most important considerations is likely to be the cost. Roof prices are determined by a number of criteria, which we explain below, and you should always be careful not to sacrifice quality or service in order to save a few bucks. Many Spokane Valley roofing companies will issue similar price quotations, but you should always compare them on a like-for-like basis. Remember that the cheapest offer is not usually the best value for money, and the most costly offer is not always the poorest value for money.


Materials will be one of the most important variables in determining the cost of your roof, and while it is possible to save money by choosing different types of materials, keep in mind that this can frequently result in a false economy. If using a different material saves you 10% on your roof price but it lasts 30% less time, your best option is to go with the more expensive material. Obviously, it is critical to choose materials that are both durable and attractive while also being cost-effective. You should always choose a roofing contractor in Spokane Valley you trust, and discussing the specific materials with them will usually present you with a good idea.


Labor costs may differ slightly from one roofer to the next, but not much, and it is unlikely to be a subject for negotiation. All workmen, including those who strip your roof and pack the skip, will be included in your roof price. Any preliminary work you can do yourself is always a good idea, and if you can do any of the menial jobs yourself, you should also think about it. Before negotiating a contract, you should review the conditions of liability insurance with the roofing contractor and agree on the duties you will execute yourself. This can make a significant impact on the cost of your roof.


This is an area where there may be some opportunity for bargaining, but every business must generate a profit. Obtain quotations from both small and large roofing contractors and compare the roof prices connected with each. While small businesses may not require the same level of profit as larger businesses, they will almost always have to pay more for materials and other considerations, resulting in a roof price that is fairly similar to the bottom line.

Other costs and contingencies

Even experts can make mistakes. Roofing work is no exception, and roofers in Spokane Valley may include a contingency fund in their estimate. This implies that if they run into a problem, they will not have to persuade you to give them additional money before continuing. Of course, you should learn what happens to the contingency fund if it is not used. You may believe that having the contingency fund deducted from the roof price is a preferable option, but be prepared to pay more money if you do so.

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